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however, you need the best tools to get the best results


Arpegia Music offers an audio mixing and mastering service for all types of productions.


To ensure the best final mix with the audio files provided by the artists, Arpegia has one of the best Speakers in the world


PMC IB1-S Active , with one of the best monitor controller:  Crane Song Avocet.



Second check is done on small speakers :  KH120 Neuman.


Accurate sound control and spectral separation is achieved using the best  headset available:  STAX SR009 and its dedicated amplifier SRM 727II


A contradictory control is carried out with the Audio-technica ATH 70X


Mixes and masterings are done in Protools, Logic or Reaper. Reaper being privileged for reasons of customization .

All the mix are 100% internal in 2 Linked Mac Pro 12 Cores.

It allows subsequent modifications with the greatest ease.


Arpegia has developed a mixing setup based on convolution plugins released by  Acustica Audio.

Only these plugins, which are based on impulses recorded at the output of the world's best analog machines, can faithfully reproduce their warm and powerful sounds.


In the                          you can discover some remixes of songs previously mixed by the artists themselves or by professional studios. The "before" and "after" columns show the added value of Arpegia Music.

PMC 2.png
STAX 2_edited.jpg
Cranbe Song.png
Acustica Color.png
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